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BMW M5 Gran Turismo

10, Apr 2011

Just toying with the idea of an M5 Gran Turismo.

Mini Courtyard

20, Oct 2010

I love pick-up trucks and I love Minis, so this is to me the best of both worlds. As for the stupid name, well all Minis are named Classic, Cooper, Cabriolet, Clubman and Contryman. So I couldn’t think of another name that starts with ‘C’ that’s more fun(ny).

According to Paul Tan, Mini may be looking at a larger Countryman (known internally as the R60) with an extended wheelbase, perhaps even featuring 6 or 7 seats with an optional third row. Internally, this car is known with the codename Spacebox or the R65. These renderings are made longer, with most of the length […]

Mini 5-door

26, Feb 2010

What happens when the Mini gets stretched into a 5-door hatch? Looks like a sausage to me. Anyway if they do make such Mini, what should it be called? City, Crowded, Compact, Five or Maxi? Do suggest some names.

MINI Crosscountry

7, Jan 2010

Will this MINI SUV be called Crossover, Crossman or Country? These names have been rumoured, but had yet to be registered by BMW in UK or USA. I say, call it Crosscountry!


21, Dec 2009

Mini Sedan?

15, Oct 2009

Am in a foul mood today. Somehow that got me to render the Mini sedan. What do you guys think? Should I render the usual front and rear shots too?

Mini Speedster

8, Apr 2009

According to MotoringFile, a new MINI Speedster may (finally) be on the way, based on the running gear of the current R56 Cooper. If true, we can expect to see a fabric top along with a possible removable hardtop and the same 1.6-liter engines as used in other models from MINI. Source: autoblog