After my last Maserati compact hatchback rendering, I had a go with turning the Tesla Model 3 into a hatchback too.

Experimenting with a Maserati premium compact hatchback, by applying the design and styling of Maserati Levante onto the body, shape and proportion of BMW 1-Series. Please suggest a name for this smallest rear-wheel driven Maserati.

Actually a wagon variant of the current latest generation of Chevrolet Malibu will look good. It’s sad that wagons are no longer popular in North America.

Tesla Roadster

2 Apr

Using the image of the new Tesla Model 3, I rendered the next Tesla Roadster.

Skoda Yeti Truck

31 Mar

Just toying with the idea of a Yeti pickup truck based on the Yeti Extreme concept.

According Autocar, Mercedes-Benz is planning a cabriolet version of the GLC Coupe.

Honda NSX Roadster

27 Mar

There will be a roadster version of the Honda NSX. It’s just a matter of when it’ll be produced.

With the recent launch of Volkswagen Golf Alltrack, should Opel/Vauxhall follow suit and launch the Astra Country Tourer?

Honda Civic Tourer

23 Mar

I wonder how will the next Honda Civic Tourer looks. Something like this?

Another idea that will certainly not happen; my idea of a pickup truck based on the Maserati Levante.