Peugeot RCZ Roadster

30 Oct

The Audi TT has been enjoying lone success in a rather niche market it created since 10 years back, a small, tiny premium 2 seater coupe that had mesmerized men women alike with nifty handling and a definite oh-they’re-looking-at-me-satisfaction guarantee. Peugeot however, seems to be not in any sort of complacency after dethroning Audi off the Le Mans 24 Heuer race with their new 908 HDi against Audi’s R15 TDi. After launching the Peugeot RCZ earlier in Frankfurt Motor Show, Peugeot will now broaden its assault on Audi’s TT Cabriolet with the RCZ CC. We do have 2 questions for Peugeot thou, since Peugeot’s planning this, might as well make it a hard top convertible and only begin with one range to fight on both TT and TT cabriolet. Secondly, will the bubble roof of the RCZ still feasibly makes it into the RCZ CC? We’ll see, by year 2011.

Text: Bobby, Wheels Weekly

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