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Infiniti Q60

30, Jan 2013

According to Car Advice, Infiniti president Johann De Nysschen confirmed that the newly revealed Q50 sedan will receive a two-door counterpart to be called Q60, He says “the coupe we can probably expect two-and-a-half to three years down the road.”.

Cadillac Escalade

26, Jan 2013

A new generation of Escalade for the rappers and homies.

If there’s an estate variant of Mercedes-Benz CLA, should it be called CLA Shooting Brake or CLA Touring? I’ve asked around, many seem to think it’s better called Shooting Brake. What do you think?

Ford Everest

22, Jan 2013

I am pretty sure when Ford replaces the Ranger-based Everest SUV, it will look better than my renderings.

I am NOT that bald guy in above rendering.

Kia Cadenza Coupe

18, Jan 2013

How about a full four-seater RWD GT from Kia?

Audi RS7 Sportback

16, Jan 2013

I thought Audi would only unveil the RS7 at Geneva (in March), and I was going to post my RS7 renderings this weekend. Oh well, now that the RS7 is revealed, I’m posting them here for you to compare between the actual RS7 and my impression.

Opel/Vauxhall Calibra

15, Jan 2013

Can’t remember where I read it but there could be a coupe variant of the new Cascada. I am not sure if they would, or should revive the Calibra name though.

Ford Expedition

13, Jan 2013

The F150 been around a few years, but the sister Expedition yet to be replaced. Will it look like this when it arrives eventually?