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Seat Altea

31, Jul 2012

Based on the Seat Leon, I’ve rendered this new Altea. Besides higher shoulder and bigger DLO, the A-pillar gets pushed forward, while the rear overhang increased. The rear is also more upright, along with different door and light cluster.

Quite a disappointment huh? My not so successful attempt in facelifting the Wind with new Clio’s fascia.

We’ve seen three badge-engineering collaboration betweem Mitsubishi, Peugeot and Citroen: Outlander, 4007, C-Crosser; i-MiEV, iOn and C-Zero; ASX, 4008 and C4 Aircross. So how about a reverse agreement, Peugeot PSA lending its 301 and C-Elysee sedan for Mitsubishi for an entry-level sedan specifically for East Europe and other developing nation? Though there’ll be a sedan […]

If you’ve ever worried about getting your car stolen, you’re certainly not alone. In the US, a car gets stolen about once every 42 seconds, and no matter how comprehensive your auto insurance plan is, a stolen car can be a huge headache. Chances are you take all the usual precautions to keep your car […]

Jaguar XJ Sportbrake

24, Jul 2012

Jaguar had toyed with the idea of wagon XJ before, but none ever enter production. With the new craze in shooting brakes, maybe Jaguar can now built the XJ Sportbrake.

Tesla Model T

22, Jul 2012

An interesting report by Autoblog Green. According to the report, Tesla’s chief designer Franz von Holzhausen disclosed that Tesla is thinking about building a pickup truck. He said, “There will be a time and place for us to develop something around a pickup. That’s a market for which the torque of an electric motor would […]

Seat Exeo

20, Jul 2012

My idea of the new Exeo, I’ve extended the Leon’s wheelhase and included the trunk that’s similar to that of Seat IBL Concept. What do you think? I personally really like this.

Seat Leon SportCoupe

18, Jul 2012

According to Autocar, Seat will launch the 3-door SportCoupe (3-door in Seat’s lingo) early next year. I think the Leon SportCoupe looks good, better than the 5-door Leon, though not as sporty Seat IBE concept. And with reference to the IBE’s back styling, I’ve revised the Leon’s rear.

Volvo C40

16, Jul 2012

This is the 3-door version of the V40. It could potentially replace the unsuccessful C30. I’ve lowered the side shoulder, and also the DLO. At the rear, I’ve revised the shape of the hatch. Do check out my previous rendering of the V40-bsed S40 sedan.

The Opel/Vauxhall Adam is starting to grow on me. I do wonder though if there’ll be a 5-door variant sporting an extended wheelbase. I’ve rendered it too with hidden door handles for the rear doors.