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These renderings of the new 3-Series GT are based on spyshots that were featured in Carscoop. Images may not be re-posted without permission.

Rolls-Royce Pickup

28, Apr 2012

These renderings were first featured in a month ago. Mark Williams wonders what the most expensive pickup in the history of the world might look like. He went on to say, “We suspect it’s only a matter of time before the likes of Rolls-Royce jumps into the highly profitable world of luxury pickups”. Who […]

Audi Spritzer

26, Apr 2012

This was suppose to be my April’s Fool prank for 2012. The story was, Audi needed a small car cheaper than anything currently under Volkswagen, Seat and Skoda, and so they look to Suzuki, and rebadge the Splash. Don’t you think the Audi grille fits nicely on the small Suzuki? By the way, spritzer is […]

Dacia Logan Pickup

25, Apr 2012

The Dacia Logan sedan was launched in 2004, and it received a facelift in 2008. However, the Logan Pickup variant remain unchanged till now. So here, I imagine it gaining the new current Logan face, while at the same time, giving it look more “premium” touches, such as color coated bumper, side mirror housings and […]

Proton Prevé Taxi

23, Apr 2012

Something fun to start the work week. Zoom in on the stickers. Anyway the utilitarian taxi variant of the Prevé looses color-coated side mirror housings and bumpers. Gone too are the fog lamps and alloy wheels.

GMC Canyon

22, Apr 2012

These renderings were first featured in a month ago. Mark Williams mentioned that GM had announced a $380 million investment in the Wentzville, Mo., plant that will produce the next-generation Chevy Colorado, but no announcement was made that the Canyon will be produced there as well. Common sense says GM will continue to produce […]

The Prevé is to be Proton’s global car. I feel Proton should have a hatchback variant of the Prevé to succeed in Europe. And according to insider, Proton is indeed working on the Prevé hatchback, codenamed P3-22A.

I think in Mercedes-Benz’s range of SUVs, the G-Class is most ideal as a pickup. For these renderings, I’ve extended the wheelbase and rear overhang. and to make it aesthetically more balance, I lowered the roof (height) rather significantly.

I rendered these by referring to last year’s A-Class Concept. At the back, I’ve also given it a slimmer light cluster, a steeply-raked window, and lowered roof.

These renderings were featured in Road & Track a month ago. They asked, “Could this be the fastest Ferrari convertible ever built?” The article also said these artist renderings of a F12berlinetta Spyder make a good thing only better. Thank you Nick! Images may not be re-posted without permission.