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Porsche 911 Speedster

31, Jan 2012

Here’s how I imagine the 911 Speedster (991) will look, if Porsche decides to bring back this hunchback 911 two-seater.

Volkswagen Scirocco

29, Jan 2012

I got curious as to how the Scirocco might look with the wrap-around rear hatch/pillar design. Well, it looks different, not no better.

Ford Fusion Coupe

27, Jan 2012

I dedicate these renderings to my friend Marc Gruben from Car Fanatics. Thanks Marc for the support and compliments. I feel I might have disappoint you with this renderings, as they are not as aggressive looking or sexy as you suggested.

Volkswagen Up 4-door

25, Jan 2012

The Volkswagen Up 4-door has just been revealed (left). My earlier rendering (right) is pretty close don’t you think?

Cadillac ATS Hatchback

25, Jan 2012

Like the ATS Wagon, I believe this small Cadillac hatchback will sell well in Europe. If built, it will be one of only two RWD premium small hatchbacks available; the other being the BMW 1-Series.

Wishing My Friends…

23, Jan 2012

Chopping off the top of the Chevrolet Code 130R Concept. I think it looks alright. What do you think?

Fiat Linea

20, Jan 2012

Here’s the other Dodge Dart-based Italian sibling, the new Fiat Linea. Just a thought.

Mitsubishi Outlander

19, Jan 2012

Judging by this digitally-enhanced official teaser, Mitsubishi will reveal the new Outlander at the coming Geneva Motor Show.

Alfa Romeo Freccetta

18, Jan 2012

If they sell the Dodge Dart in Europe, will it wear the Alfa Romeo badge? Along with a new front fascia, there’s also the hidden rear door handles and silver side mirror housing. Of course the Freccetta (‘dart’ in Italian) will wear Alfa Romeo’s sexy turbine-like wheels. Do check out my previous Giulietta-based sedan, the […]