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Time flies! But…

30, Dec 2011

BMW 1-Series Touring

23, Dec 2011

Will this variant see the light?

Hyundai i30 3-Door

21, Dec 2011

Read somewhere there will be a 3-door variant of the i30 with powerful turbocharged engines. Anyway that got me curious as to how the 3-door i30 might look. I did lower the roof, thicken the pillars and enlarged the wheels.

I read in Autoblog that Mercedes is preparing the C63 AMG Black Series Estate. These renderings were done with reference to the C63 AMG Black Series Coupe.

Mercedes-Benz SL-Class

15, Dec 2011

Just an idea on how the SL could look with a different front design.

BMW Gran Touring

13, Dec 2011

With Mercedes-Benz lauching the CLS estate soon, perhaps BMW should consider building this, the Gran Touring.

Here’s the other concept, the FR-S Roadster.

It’s a well-known fact that children of all ages and ethnicities enjoy receiving gifts. Nevertheless, it’s not uncommon for certain kids in better-off countries and/or families to be overly spoiled and at the same time ungrateful despite getting whatever their hearts desire …and then some more. This brings us to the above video about a […]

Cadillac Roadster

9, Dec 2011

Another Volkswagen Bluesport-based rendering. To newer my own curiosity of “What if Cadillac makes a small roadster?” Do you like the idea and this rendering?

Volkswagen Touareg

7, Dec 2011

Just a quick chop – giving the Touareg the front fascia of the Cross Coupe concept. Perhaps this will be the facelifted Touareg in 2013?