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Skoda Citigo

30, Sep 2011

According to Autocar, Skoda technical chief Eckhard Scholz said a fivefour-door version of the Citigo, previewed by the Volkswagen Cross Up at the recent Frankfurt motor show, would be “the most important” of the new cars. He also said of the Citigo, “The three-door looks good, but the four-door is even better in my opinion.”

Acura CSX

28, Sep 2011

This are my impressions of the next Acura CSX. This version is the booted variant of the Europe Civic.

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Smart fortwo

26, Sep 2011

This is my idea of how the next 3rd generation Smart fortwo might look. Renderings are combination of Smart forspeed and forvision Concepts.

Audi A2

24, Sep 2011

This is my idea of how the production Audi A2 might look. The above image is also my entry for Photoshop Contest 35, where contestants choose any concept car that was shown at IAA 2011 as the base for rendering.

Skoda Superb Facelift

22, Sep 2011

What if the Skoda Superb gets facelifted with the front similar to that of MissionL Concept? I personally like it.

Jaguar CX Roadster

20, Sep 2011

Here’s my impression of how the roadster version of the Jaguar C-X16 might look. I’ve also revised the front bumper slightly. And yea, another red rendering.

An impression of the IBL if Seat decides to put it into production. This is also my entry for Photoshop Contest 34.

So this is the next Persona, currently code-named P3-21A. These images were shown in Proton Annual General Meeting yesterday. This new Persona is expected for a March 2012 launch.

Volkswagen Fuq Up!

16, Sep 2011

Sorry guys, been busy at work hence the lack of (quality) renderings. Wanted to render a sporty Up! roadster. It ends up looking… well… as the name suggest, fuq up.