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Bentley Contiguan

13, Jul 2011

Like yesterday’s mutant Polomera, this rendering was also published in the July issue of Torque. I actually like the idea of a Contiguan (Continental GT + Tiguan).

Volkswagen Polomera

12, Jul 2011

This rendering was first published in July issue of Torque magazine. It accompanied the article about ‘Mutant Models’, hence the name Polomera (Polo + Panamera)

Honda City Hatchback

10, Jul 2011

There are two stories why I rendered these. Firstly, there isn’t any compact hatchback on Honda’s range. I don’t count the Jazz/Fit as a hatchback, that’s more of an MPV. I also want the hatchback variant to resemble it’s actual predecessor, the second generation City (GA1) from 1986-1994. The second story was a dream I […]

Lexus CX200h

8, Jul 2011

According to AutoBild, Lexus has plans for a smaller SUV in its range, base on Toyota RAV4. However, unlike its Toyota counterpart. Lexus’s small SUV, tentatively dubbed ‘CX’, will have a hybrid power plant.

BMW X5 GranLastwagen

6, Jul 2011

Just a silly idea of a X5-based truck. Silly name courtesy of Paul Tan. Actually he suggested GranTruck. I google-translated ‘truck’ to ‘lastwagen’ (German). Do have a look too at the 6-Series-based pickup I did back in March.

Toyota FT-86 Sedan

4, Jul 2011

These renderings were featured aweek ago in Paul Tan’s blog. In the post, Paul mentioned some time last year there was an Autocar report that Toyota is considering a rear-wheel drive sports sedan based off the FT-86 sedan, if the coupe doesn’t sell well enough.

I want to say…

2, Jul 2011

I’m sorry for the lack of renderings lately. I’ve returned to Kuala Lumpur a few days. On 1 July, we celebrated my father’s 68th Birthday. Once I’ve finally digested all the good food I’ve had in Kuala Lumpur, I’ll probably post some new renderings. Till then, enjoy the following photo for which I’m not in. […]