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Like most hatchback-based sedan, thanks to the rear design, the 207 has been the butt of jokes for many. No pun intended. This is my idea of how they could facelift buttlift it. Do you think it’s better?

Dodge Charger Coupe

30, Jul 2011

In the United States, the name Charger was commonly associated with mid-size performance coupe. But Dodge breaks the tradition when they launched the 2006 4-door Charger Sedan. Why not bring back the Charger Coupe? Rear-wheel driven and seats 4? I think there’s market for that.

Jaguar XJ Notchback

28, Jul 2011

This is my friend’s idea. He’s not too happy with the shape of the existing XJ, especially the rear. Hope but giving it a more conventional notchback, it doesn’t look bland. Special thanks Lee.

Citroen DSC

26, Jul 2011

Above is my entry for Photoshop Contest 25. The theme this time around is “la prochaine déesse” or “the next goddess” – goddess/déesse being where the (Citroen) DS originates. So create something beautiful worthy of the DS name/badge. I based my renderings on the Citroen GQ Concept. The C in DSC means Coupe. Maybe […]

Mercedes-Benz T-Class

24, Jul 2011

Since the BMW X5 GranLastwagen renderings appeared in Autoblog, I’ve received many emails to render a Mercedes-Benz truck. Well, no price for guessing why it’s called T-Class.


22, Jul 2011

What happens when you cross the X6 with X3?

While I rendered the Hindustan Ambassador (see yesterday’s post), I remember that a year ago, I rendered the profile of the booted Nissan March/Micra. And since I’ve already started on the Ambassador renderings, I decided to render the Nissan March/Micra sedans (again). I think I prefer these over the Versa/Sunny. A bit feminine though.

Hindustan Ambassador

19, Jul 2011

I’ve been asked quite a few times to render the new Ambassador. I’ve hesitated because the Ambassador is such an iconic car for India, as such I would not want to disappoint or offend my friends in India. But after much encouragement and persuasion, I gave it a try and these are the result. I […]

Aston Martin Mygnet

17, Jul 2011

Another mutant. This time, my Aston Martin Mygnet (Myvi + Cygnet) makes the cover of Wheels Weekly.

Subaru XV

15, Jul 2011

Last week, Danny Tan reported that Fuji Heavy Industries (FHI) and Tan Chong Group signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to assemble Subaru vehicles in Malaysia, making Malaysia the regional production hub for Subaru. Production will start in October 2012 at 5,000 units per year, and the vehicle in question will be a the production […]