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Toyota Vios/Belta

30, Jan 2011

These Vios/Belta impressions first appeared in Paul Tan’s blog a week ago. Paul believes since the current dugong Vios/Belta was launched in 2007 and was facelifted in 2010, a new one could be due by the end of this year or early next year.

Mitsubishi Colt

28, Jan 2011

This is my idea of how the Mitsubishi Concept Global Small will look like when it enters production as the Colt – a name it’ll most likely be christened with. As reported in Paul Tan’s blog, the Colt’s compact engines range from 1.0 litre to 1.2 litre, comes with regenerative braking system, automatic idle stop-start […]

Time flies. It’s been two years since! Thank you all for your support. For some renderings did in the last 365 days, click on the door handles in the following animated GIFs.

Paul Tan recently reported that BMW and Brilliance China Automotive Holdings will develop an electric vehicle for the Chinese market based on the platform of the BMW 5-Series, and a concept version of the EV will be displayed at one of the big auto shows in China this year. I’m just toying with the idea […]

Proton Exora FL

24, Jan 2011

Another Proton Exora rendering? Well this one is rendered with reference to two spy pics (below) received through e-mail.

Audi A9 Sportback

23, Jan 2011

According to Autocar, Audi is conceiving the A9 to sit at the very top of Audi’s line-up as a high-priced rival to the Mercedes-Benz CL and Porsche Panamera and the forthcoming BMW GranCoupé concept. The new Sportback aims to provide Audi with an overtly sporting sister model to the third-generation A8. “The project isn’t officially […]

Yesterday as I was posting the Passat Variant US renderings, I realise the Passat CC is the last Volkswagen without their new familiar family face (grille). And so I did this.

Adding the Variant version to US’s Passat line-up. I like this estate a lot. I even like it more than the Europe Passat Variant. But I doubt Volkswagen will build this, since there’s almost zero interest in US towards estates and wagons. Am I right?

Ford Mondeo Electric

18, Jan 2011

Just toying with the idea of an electric Mondeo, wearing the grille seen on the Focus Electric, C-Max Hybrid and C-Mac Energi. Changed the headlight’s shape to fit the new grille too. I think it looks good, even better than the usual Mondeo.

Honda Civic

17, Jan 2011

Using the Honda Civic concept unveiled at the recent 2011 North American International Motor Show, I’ve rendered the production Civic with reference to the spy shots that can be seen here. Changes include production side mirrors, simplified front and rear bumpers, removal of side skirts, lightened head lamp housing and rear cluster, Slimmer rear spoiler, […]