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Above is my entry for Photoshop Contest 35. I extended the wheelbase and rendered a 5-door variant of the Beetle.

Proton Putra

13, Nov 2010

I’m rendering the new Putra coupe from the Inspira, as the original was a clone of Mitsubishi Mirage, itself a coupe version of the sixth generation Lancer.

Just a quick one, in adding Proton Inspira’s grille to the Satrial Neo CPS, and coat that in yellow paint, and black protector strips. Wheels enlarged too.

1-12 December Impact Challenger 1-3, Muang Thong Thani Inter-Media, acting as intermediary for the 3 Stakeholders (namely the Producer, the Government and the Consumer) and wishing to see an ambiance of brotherhood in the automotive circle to jointly ensure that clean environment is forever preserved on this planet, thus has great pleasure to set the […]

What if Volkswagen borrows the roof from Audi Quattro concept and create a coupe out of the Bluesport concept? A small, light, rigid and spacious rear-wheel driven hybrid coupe anyone?

BMW X3 3-Door

8, Nov 2010

Above is my entry for Photoshop Contest 34.

Proton Saga

7, Nov 2010

These renderings of the facelifted Proton Saga first appeared in Paul Tan’s blog on 29 October. The renderings were created based on previous sightings of the car (once in a parking lot and another time on the move). And soon after that there were newer spy shots that showed more of the camoe-free front rear […]

Citroen Xantia Coupe

5, Nov 2010

What if Citroen made a coupe Xantia back in the 90s? Will it be a coupe or a 3-door hatchback?

Volkswagen Rabbit

3, Nov 2010

I could have called this Golf MK7, but it’s my idea of what a 5-door Jetta for the North American market might look. And since the Golf was also known as Rabbit there, hence the name.