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Italo Durango

28, Nov 2010

Autocar reported that Alfa Romeo is planning to use the four-wheel-drive underpinnings of the Jeep Grand Cherokee as the base for a large SUV in its line-up. Well, Since the Dodge Durango and Grand Cherokee shares the same underpinnings, why not use the Durango? Its more curvy body might suit Afla Romeo better. On the […]

Proton Expira

26, Nov 2010

When Exora gains Inspira’s front, the Expira MPV. Try guessing what Expira means, if Inspira means inspiration.

Buick Antara

25, Nov 2010

The Opel/Vauxhall Antara was launched quite a few years ago, and recently it’s been given a facelift. Will GM be sending this off to North America or China as a Buick?

Subaru Hilut

23, Nov 2010

If Subaru rebadges the Hilux, will it has the Forester front or Tribeca front (grille)?

Ford Fiesta ST

20, Nov 2010

Lancia Flavia

19, Nov 2010

So according to report, Fiat S.p.A. CEO Sergio Marchionne said the Chrysler 200 could be sold to Europe as a Lancia. It’s unfortunate the new 200 doesn’t look like the 200C concept car from 2009 North American International Show, from which I had previously rendered into a Lancia Thesis. Thanks frederic about the name.

Mazda RX-9

17, Nov 2010

According to Autocar, Mazda is well advanced with a new-generation rotary engine which it intends to use in an all-new sports model. Insiders say it is most likely to power a two-door coupe built in the image of the most recent RX-7. It went on to say the new car will likely to be called […]

Joy and happiness this eid.