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Nissan March Sedan

31, Jul 2010

This is my idea of March/Micra K13 Sedan. We know there will be a sedan version of the K13, and it’s very likely to wear a completely new sheet metal, rather tahn adding a trunk to the rear of the hatch. While my version isn’t to everyone’s liking, I think it looks better than some […]

Nissan Micra 3-door

29, Jul 2010

Volkswagen Scirocco

27, Jul 2010

Last week when I commented on how my Volkswagen Caddy rendering from April very similar to the actual new Caddy, I wonder if Volkswagen is applying the “one face fits all” strategy to its cars’ styling. And if so how would they facelift the Scirocco. As a joke, I imagine Volkswagen got lazy, and just […]

Jaguar XF-C

25, Jul 2010

I’ve read somewhere a while ago that Jaguar has approved the production of the XF-C coupe. Can someone source me such article?

Wow, the one I did back in 16 April (above left) looks like almost like the actual new Caddy.

According to Paul Tan, Mini may be looking at a larger Countryman (known internally as the R60) with an extended wheelbase, perhaps even featuring 6 or 7 seats with an optional third row. Internally, this car is known with the codename Spacebox or the R65. These renderings are made longer, with most of the length […]

I just have to do it. Hope I gave the front a good facelift. And I also got rid of that awkward side profile (jagged window line).

Peugeot 508 Coupe

15, Jul 2010

Besides rendering a 407 Coupe replacement, I decided the 508 needs a facelift, and a butt-lift too.