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Maybach 57

21, May 2010

This is my entry for Photoshop Contest 17. Since there will not be a new Maybach, I imagine this as a replacement, due three years late!

Autocar reported that the new Dacia Duster could become a Nissan as well as a Renault. “In a market where Nissan had a presence and Renault didn’t, it would be a possibility,” a Renault-Nissan insider confirmed to Autocar.

I dare say I really like these renderings, especially the rear rendering that shows the roof’s mechanism.

You would have read here on 12 May about my ordeal in getting a copy of Autocar UK, 21 April issue. Well, after exchanging some e-mails with Autocar in London, a visit to the bank and post office, I just might be able to get hold of this particular issue. I would like to take […]

According to Wikipedia, a cabriolet based on the Volkswagen Golf Mk6 is planned for 2010. There was no Golf Cabriolet based on the Mk5 Golf, as the Eos coupé-cabriolet is based on the Passat platform, while sharing the same wheelbase as the Golf. The Eos is expensive compared to its rivals, and therefore Volkswagen hope […]

Make a date with Driven tonight at 10.30pm on 8TV to catch the Mitsubishi Pajero Sport in action on and off road. We also have an exclusive with the attractive Ford Fiesta and we talk to MIROS about road safety and its latest crash test! For more information or to view previous episodes, please visit […]

These Sonata Convertible renderings are quite popular. They caused quite a debate when they first appeared in Inside Line on 6 May. Daniel Pund, Senior Editor of Inside Line says: “Within the next couple of years, we might be able to drive a rented four-seat convertible on our Hawaii vacation without having to wear paper […]

Above is my entry for Photoshop Contest 16, the Touring variant of the Avante/Elantra.

Volkswagen Gol

13, May 2010

Giving the Gol the familiar Volkswagen front grill, while the back gets Scirocco-inspired lamp cluster.

As many of you know, I have been a fan of Autocar UK since 1993. And since 2000 I’ve been buying every single issue of Autocar UK, almost a flawless record, till this week. I am upset to be among many Autocar UK fans in Malaysia and Singapore, who have missed out on 21 April issue […]