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Mazda 3 Facelift

31, Mar 2010

Not many like the Mazda 3’s Joker face. So I’ve included the 6’s front onto the 3 sedan and hatch. What do you guys think? Special thanks: Blue387

According to Autobild, Honda HSV-010 is headed for production next year. But didn’t Honda crushed all hope and rumour of an NSX successor late last year? Anyway Autobild went on to say for the HSV-010 to transform from a race car to road car, it will have narrower track, more sculpted sides and looses that […]

Subaru Impreza

29, Mar 2010

Initially I wanted to add on just the Impreza VX‘s grille But eventually added in the Legacy’s front bumper too. The rear inspired by both Legacy and BMW 3-series Coupe.

I call this roofless version of the McLaren as the MP4-12R; R for Roadster. Or is this a spider?

Honda CR-Z Del Sol

24, Mar 2010

Pardon the poor quality of the rendering. I’ve never been good at transferring in-door studio shot onto an out-door back-ground. Anyway this CR-Z cabriolet is inspired by the Honda CR-X Del Sol with its (then) revolutionary TransTop.

Rendered with reference to the leaked Patent Designs. Besides the roof, changes include revised door size and shape, and repositioning of door handles.

This is my entry for Photoshop Contest 9. The rear renderings isn’t as successful as I wished.

Proton Savvy

20, Mar 2010

These are my renderings of 2011 Proton Savvy based on recent Proton Emas concept. Check out the following clip too on how the concept becomes the Savvy.