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The Honda Civic. According to my friend who works with the insurance company, the Honda Civic is officially the most stolen car in Malaysia. So please beware of this and get some extra protection whether you’re driving a civic, camry, or whatever car. The simplest act would be just getting a steering lock from your […]

Mini 5-door

26, Feb 2010

What happens when the Mini gets stretched into a 5-door hatch? Looks like a sausage to me. Anyway if they do make such Mini, what should it be called? City, Crowded, Compact, Five or Maxi? Do suggest some names.

Audi RS5 Sportback

24, Feb 2010

BMW 1-Series

23, Feb 2010

Here are my impressions of the next BMW 1-Series for 2011/2012.

While Suzuki already has the Equator mid-size pickup truck which is also the Nissan Navara, perhaps it might be replaced by the Volkswagen Amarok-based truck instead few years down the road.

Mercedes-Benz B-Class

19, Feb 2010

I feel the next B-Class should be a conventional premium hatchback to rival BMW 1-Series, Audi A3, and more recently, the Lexus CT200h. The next A-Class should be Mercedes-Benz’s only small MPV.

Ford Fusion

18, Feb 2010

Just an idea how to retire the European Fusion. The Fusion has been available in Europe since 2002, so it’s pretty old, and dated. The Ford Edge’s styling should help a bit, I think. Do you also know, that one English-speaking nation in Europe (who consistently praise and embrace all things Ford and Jaguar, but […]

Lexus LS-F

17, Feb 2010

Why not shoe-horn the LFA’s 552bhp 4.8-litre V10 engine into a Lexus LS-F? Special thanks: Jaxon Uhles

Volvo V60

16, Feb 2010