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Saab 9-1

17, Dec 2009

It is hard for us to pick one that sets the other apart, but both does represent exceptional value for money, and not at the expense of style, comfort, build quality and safety. Winners of our car of the year are Kia Forte and Peugeot 308 Turbo.

It’s obvious I’m disappointed with new A8, especially the front styling. It’s been two weeks since the new A8 was revealed, but the front has not grown on me yet.

Guys, I couldn’t decide if the Mazda RX-8 Cabriolet should be a two-door or four-door. I mean I want it to be a four-door as that’s what make the RX-8 special. Besides, those rear doors are rear-hinged, technically it’s possible and I doubt the structural rigidity would be lost. But as a two-door, it makes […]

Lada Niva

10, Dec 2009

Renault and Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin have agreed a plan to save ailing carmaker Avtovaz from collapse. Renault and Nissan both expect to build ‘value’ cars at Avtovaz’s Togliatti plant from 2012, as well as all-new models under the Lada brand. With a production target of 900,000 units annually, around 650,000 units are expected […]

Dacia Duster

9, Dec 2009

The Dacia Duster has officially been unveiled! I really like this SUV, though it’s far more conservative compare to the Duster Concept. But I did “manipulate” a bit here and there, giving it a darker metallic red/maroon paint, colour coat the wing mirrors, gave the B- and C-pillars matt-black coating, and matt-black housing at the […]

General Motors has declared that Opel needs a minicar, a tiny little thing that can compete with runabouts like the Ford Ka and Peugeot 107. That’s a fine sentiment here at the starting line, but to get to the finish GM will need to keep Opel running smoothly, get its Spark firing quickly (if indeed […]

(Above is an animated gif)

Audi A55 Cargo Van

4, Dec 2009

Yup, another “what-the-fish” rendering of mine. Bad a55 van.