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BMW 1-Series Sedan

15, Nov 2009

I love the BMW 1-Series. Sadly it isn’t available as a 4-door sedan. So I will have to make do with my own renderings. When BMW developed the E81/E87, the sedan and touring (estate) were to be two of the 1-Series variants. Prototype of the sedan was even snapped back in 2006. I wonder why […]

Ford Escape Raptor

14, Nov 2009

Back in 2007 when Ford decided to give the then seven-year old Escape another nip tuck, the Escape gained two personalities; you could choose the cool North American version that looks like the mini F150, and the *sigh* Jane Austen version we get here in Asia. Dear Santa Ford, Can we in Asia get the […]

Lancia Thesis

12, Nov 2009

The Chrysler 200C is a plug-in hybrid electric concept car unveiled in 2009 North American International Show. But with the recent announcement that Chrysler has disbanded its ENVI (a division of Chrysler Group LLC whose purpose is creating electric-drive vehicles and related advanced-propulsion technologies) program, what will happen to the beautiful 200C? May I suggest […]

Porsche Rockster

10, Nov 2009

A few years ago, Porsche was seriously investigating building a small SUV to slot in below the Cayenne. Just as the new 356 could allow the Boxster to move upmarket, so the arrival of a Porsche Rockster small SUV could allow the Cayenne to do the same and make the big SUV more profitable. Source: […]

Chevrolet Cruze Wagon

9, Nov 2009

In our 5th issue, we go in depth into understanding the Lexus hypercar – LFA, with an exclusive center page spread of the LFA made up of thousands of thumbnails of Toyotas. There’s also a great road trip to Taiping, where we travel in three Fiats, making our visit to a town where time still […]

Lancia Phedra

6, Nov 2009

The new Chrysler Voyager MPV will both be sold under the Lancia badge, according to a report from Automotive News Europe. Lancia will re-badge the Voyager as a replacement for the ageing Phedra MPV. Source: Autocar

Chrysler Delta

5, Nov 2009

With the appointment of Lancia CEO Olivier Francois as head of the Chrysler motor division, we can expect the two companies to collaborate on future products and take advantage of economies of scale… Word on the Italian street is that the current Lancia Delta could make it over here (North America) Source: Autoblog Well, the […]

Skoda Grand Superb

2, Nov 2009

This was going to be my entry for Photoshop Contest 18. But I’ve totally forgotten about the deadline. Not like it’s going to win anyway, judging by how good the other entries are. The idea behind this rendering is Skoda recycles the soon-to-be-replaced Audi A8 for China. As for the name… Well, any other […]