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Acura TSX Sport Wagon

31, Oct 2009

Acura’s announced on 28 October 2009, the addition of a TSX sport wagon — with, assumingly, styling like the Euro Accord wagon (above) — to its 2011 model lineup. Source: Jalopnik

Peugeot RCZ Roadster

30, Oct 2009

The Audi TT has been enjoying lone success in a rather niche market it created since 10 years back, a small, tiny premium 2 seater coupe that had mesmerized men women alike with nifty handling and a definite oh-they’re-looking-at-me-satisfaction guarantee. Peugeot however, seems to be not in any sort of complacency after dethroning Audi off […]

Subaru FS-86

29, Oct 2009

The FT-86 was co-developed by Toyota and Subaru, with a 2.0 liter 4 cylinder boxer engine from Fuji Heavy Industries. Now, a Toyota with the excellent four pot turbo from Subaru might be an excellent thing for the world’s largest automaker, but how can this help Subaru?

Here’s how you should confess to a girl. Do it on national tv! From my friend’s blog. DicknChick Basicly this is what happened : Guy: Actually, I’ve had a crush on you for a long time now… Girl: Oh. Guy: You really don’t have any feelings for me? Girl: Do I have to like you […]

Kia Cerato Forte SW

27, Oct 2009

P.S. I’ll be leaving to Kuala Lumpur tomorrow, till Sunday. Funny thing is, Halloween is also my Mother’s birthday. By the way it’s my friend, Paul Tan’s birthday today. So Happy Birthday Paul! Anyway, with limited Internet access, I’ll have less updates here. Just so you all know. So Happy Halloween!

Alfa Romeo MiTo Spider

25, Oct 2009

Here’s my entry for Photoshop Contest 17. I didn’t know what to render out of the Alfa Romeo MiTo. And so I did another Spider, unlike the other one I did previously.

Hi everyone, we’re happy to announce that Issue 4 is on its way now on trucks, delivery vans to every newsstand and! In this issue, we bring you Takumi’s new drifter! the new Toyota FT-86 drift machine that’s set to fuel the fire burning within petrolheads.

Yet another Lancer rendering. This time, the wagon variant. Hope you like this ashady.

Lexus Jigsaw

22, Oct 2009

Is it me of does the LF-A looks like Billy?