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Dick N Chick

30, Sep 2009

Hey all,  I want to introduce you all to a new site entitled Dick N Chick, don’t worry there’s no porn in it.. It’s just a fun site with a catchy name 😛 Inside you’ll find funny and useful information which can be useful for your daily life as well as gossips and tech stuff […]

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BMW Isetta

29, Sep 2009

BMW had long hinted the revival of the Isetta, a car BMW licensed from a refrigerator manufacturer back in the 50s with doors that (you guessed it) opens like a fridge; with the handles as well. Now of course Munich couldn’t possibly mimic the original Isettas fridge door in the modern reincarnation, as that could […]

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I like the new Sonata, it’s sleek and stylish, and actually looks expensive, regardless of that badge. So, we’ll be seeing a lot of this blue Sonata in Singapore? Please do. Sure beats having those (below) in Kuala Lumpur. The one cool thing about this TEKSI GILA THEOPHILUS Kuala Lumpur taxi, is that car sticker […]

Volvo S60

25, Sep 2009

Will the new Volvo S60 look like these renderings? They’re pretty close to the real thing. Read about the all new Volvo S60 in the latest issue of Wheels Weekly!

Hoped you all enjoyed our first issue last week, where we brought you exclusive insights into the new Ferrari 458 Italia, BMW Vision Efficient Dynamics and our review on not just any Nissan GTR, but a 800hp Nissan GTR; and oh for those who’ve just got back from your long holiday, preparing for work tomorrow…. […]

Lexus LF

22, Sep 2009

I did the above rendering in late August after Lexus release the first sketch (below left). Comparing to the concept seen at the recent Frankfurt Auto Show, my rendering seem pretty sad.

Wheels Weekly, and I, Theophilus, wish all our Muslim friends, fans, supporters, surfers, auto-manias, brothers and sisters… Happy Ramadan and Selamat Hari Raya! We wish you all safe journey home to your families, and great celebration with lots of food and laughter! Oh yea, these renderings are my ideas of how the Exora-based Arena-replacement could […]

Random Infinitis

18, Sep 2009

I’ve just realised there’s no Infiniti rendering in this site, despite having done some previously. And, almost two years ago, I submitted the following for Photoshop Contest.

Comparing both Qazana and the ix_Metro seen at this week’s Frankfurt Motor Show, they are quite similar in concept, design, size, proportion, and that colour!