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Nissan GTR-C

31, Aug 2009

The final production version of the Range Rover LRX could be unveiled on 17 June next year, according to Land Rover sources. The premium compact SUV will finally be given the go-ahead for production by the end of the year, insiders have told Autocar. Production would probably begin in early 2011. The June date is […]

Citroen DS3c

29, Aug 2009

Here’s my idea for the Citroen C3 Pluriel replacement, the DS3c premium cabriolet with conventional canvas top.

Land Rover LRT

27, Aug 2009

This is LRT, the Land Rover truck. Sadly I couldn’t find any better pictures of LR4, so I used the LR3 as donor car.

Aston Martin V6 Votive

26, Aug 2009

This is my entry for Photoshop Contest 10, a small Aston Martin coupe with V6 engine. Original car was Nissan 370Z.

Perodua Vois

25, Aug 2009

Okay there’s a story behind these renderings, and that name. Remember how SEAT recycles the Audi A4 (B7) as their Exeo? I was just thinking, the first generation Toyota Vios is a decent looking car, certainly less mammal-like than the current Vios. So why not let Perodua recycle it, swap the ‘i’ and ‘o’, call […]

Lexus LT-h

24, Aug 2009

While we’ve read that Volkswagen boss Martin Winterkorn hopes to double Porsche’s sales in the next four years, here’s how Lexus can double its sales too! And it would probably take less time. In US, they buy lots of trucks, huge trucks. But the price of gas increases, and along with poor economy, truck sales […]

Volkswagen boss Martin Winterkorn has outlined the new models he hopes will double Porsche’s sales in the next four years. He added that this was a realistic target thanks to new models, which could include a new model smaller than the Boxster, its smallest car so far, a “little brother” to the Cayenne and an […]

Make a Contribution

21, Aug 2009

This campaign ends in December 2009. Items can be dropped off in the Metta Building located at 32 Simei Street 1 Singapore 529950. For more details, please visit, contact Ms Felicia Wee at 6580 4688, or email to Read after the jump to know more about TES AMM.