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The production version of the Volkswagen Jetta Volkswahen Kizashi Suzuki Jetta Suzuki Kizashi sedan was officially revealed today in a special launch event in Detroit. Built at Suzuki’s new manufacturing plant in Sagara, Japan, the Kizashi will serve as the company’s flagship model when it arrives in North American showrooms this winter. Source: Carscoop

Basically a hatchback C-Class, we all know how much Mercedes-Benz wants to cover EVERY segment in the car market and types. And with the recent Audi A5 Sportback, It’s only a matter of time this Wirrback appears. Wirr means weird or confused in German. Sorry guys, I’ve been really busy lately, still doing the anal […]

other then youtube, this is a pretty good site… i hope you bored people out can enjoy this site too 😛 things you need … basic knowledge of downloading/installation, patience, qvod player

wow what do you guys think about think about this trailer ?

Bugatti Pau

28, Jul 2009

Like all my previous weird renderings (Maserati Ka and Rolls-Royce Casper), this is my idea of an “affordable” Bugatti. Right… What’s with the name? Well, it’s named after Pau Circuit in Pyrénées-Atlantiques, southwestern France. It’s a cute name anyway.

So i was browsing my nike plus for the weekly challanges and i saw this! omg! go kenny go! looks like he’s serious in joining the marathon

Isuzu Gemini

27, Jul 2009

Here’s my idea of how the Gemini could look, if Isuzu still produces passenger cars. If you are a Malaysian in your 30s and above, do you remember back in late 70s and the 80s, most of the taxis in the streets were Opel Kadett or Isuzu Gemini? Here’s a little history about the pair…

SEAT Exeo Freetrack

26, Jul 2009

Just submitted the above for CarSpyShot Photoshop Contest. It’s my idea of the Exeo Freetrack base on the Acura ZDX.

Sandra Bullock, Miss Congeniality herself, reportedly “lives for Top Gear,” even angling for becoming a Star-in-a-Reasonably-Priced-Car. Let’s help her out. Photoshop Bullock into a Top Gear photo in the comments. We’ll give away stars to the best entries. Source: Jalopnik This is really funny! You guys must head here to check out the photoshoped Bullocks!