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According to reports in Germany, Volkswagen is keen to purchase a 10% stake in Suzuki in order to cooperate on future small cars for emerging markets. Miniature 660cc vehicles are extremely popular in Japan and Volkswagen reportedly believes this class of automobile holds great promise for emerging markets. At this time, both Suzuki and Volkswagen […]

Abarth Bravo

29, Jun 2009

Okay this is the Abarth version of Fiat Bravo, and it’s also a three-door Bravo that Fiat doesn’t want to build.

Skoda Superb Combi

27, Jun 2009

The 3/4 front rendering is my entry for Photoshop Contest.  For the rear D-pillar, door and lights, I try to follow closely to the spy shots seen here. Do also check out my previous rendering of the Superb here.

Mercedes-Benz MLK

26, Jun 2009

Merc’s baby SUV to rival BMW X1 and Audi Q3. That makes me wonder, will there be a Volvo XC40.

Nissan Cube³

25, Jun 2009

Here’s my take on the 3-door Cube. It looks like a baby’s Doc Martin, in silver.

Alfa Romeo MiTo Spider

24, Jun 2009

Well, we have Mini Convertible and Fiat 500C, erhaps Alfa Romeo should make a Spider version of its MiTo.

Subaru Exiga

23, Jun 2009

Again the changes are subtle. I did this because I find the Exiga a tad weird looking.

SEAT Bolero

22, Jun 2009

Obviously, this is the cabriolet Exeo. Exeo itself, was Audi A4 (B4), and uses A4 Cabrio’s dashboard, and so on and so on… So folks, this is the SEAT Bolero.

Now that the Toyota Camry Solara is dead. Maybe Ford can consider doing the Taurus coupe and convertible.