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BMW 5-Series Compact

30, May 2009

Remember the 3-Series Compact? This is my entry for CarSpyShots Photshop Contest 13. It was a rush job, and I ran out of idea. But now that it’s done, I realise I could have made it a 3-door instead, that’ll better suit the “Compact” name.

Hyundai Genesis Estate

28, May 2009

This is my idea of the estate version of Hyundai Genesis. I also gave it a better grille. Hyundai shouldn’t be ashamed to show its logo at the front. The Genesis is after-all a good car.

Mercedes-Benz CLK

27, May 2009

The Mercedes CLK name could be set to return in 2011, this time based on the Mercedes C-class saloon. According to reports in a French car magazine, the new CLK will fill the gap between the new E-class coupe (which is significantly larger than the old second-generation CLK) and the ageing CLC coupe. Source: Autocar […]

Honda Civic Cabriolet

26, May 2009

Sorry guys, been really busy at work lately, hence the lack of renderings. This is a quick one, cabriolet version of the US Honda Civic Coupe.

What do you guys think? I think the renderings are okay. But I don’t think Volkswagen will make a cabriolet out of the Scirocco since they’ve already have the Eos.

Volkswagen Rocco

24, May 2009

This is my entry for Car Spy Shots Photoshop Contest 12. This is my idea of a smaller Scirocco, little Rocco. And as always, I also rendered the rear.

When this blog was new, I posted renderings of the Toyota Corolla 2010 facelifts  on 10 February. It was around the same time the renderings were uploaded to my flickr page (here and here). What puzzles me still, they are consistently the daily most viewed photos from my flickr uploads. And as of 21 May, both have […]

Proton Kompas

20, May 2009

On 17 May, Prodas’s_afiq suggested a Proton SUV based on the 2006 Lotus APX concept. Thanks for the idea Prodas!

Nissan is working on a two-door convertible version of its Murano crossover, according to reports on the internet. Motoring website Inside Line claims the drop-top SUV will arrive at dealers before the summer of 2010 but will be produced in limited numbers. Source: 4car [ad#theoseperatebar]