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Perodua MPV

30, Apr 2009

This is really strange, though the above image was previously seen in Paultan’s blog on 6 November 2008, I’ve just found out it was never posted here! With all the excitement the Proton Ebola Exora has generated among Malaysian MPV-hunters, I guess it’s the right time I post this rendering of mine.

I would like to introduce you to Arts@Metta, a project by Metta Welfare Association which comprises a group of my talented friends, they are youths with special needs from Metta School Alumni. From left: Seah Chee Meng, Aravin s/o Sechachalam, Tan Yee Chew, Mohaman Dzulkifli Bin Mohd Amin, Muhamad Rosmutaqim Bin Umar, and Muhamad Rasul […]

Audi A0 with Clip

28, Apr 2009

This is my idea of the Audi A0 (pronounced A-Oh, not A-Zero) mini-car that rivals Smart ForTwo and Toyota iQ. View the following video to see additional renderings of the A0, and “transformation” from 2007’s Audi Metroproject Quattro Concept.

Audi Q3 with Clip

27, Apr 2009

In an official announcement released on 22 April, Audi has confirmed that it will build a Q3 crossover in Martorell, Spain in 2011. Described by Audi as “A coupé-like five-door SUV with seat positions, wheel size, and ground clearance characteristic of a typical SUV,” the Q3 is likely to look a lot like 2007’s Cross […]

View the video to see how much the 928 differs from the Panamera.

In 23 April issue of (Malaysian) New Straits Times, the paper featured my “Teksi Gila” chop on page two. I’m rather flattered the editor “uses” my picture. I just wish to be acknowledged. Well, since i was not credited, is this considered infringement of intellectual property or copyright? I was advised by a friend to […]

Despite previous reports to the contrary, new reports suggest that Porsche is indeed planning a front-engine coupe to fill the void left in its line-up by the old 928. The original front-engined V8 GT was built by Porsche in various iterations between 1978 and 1995 before it was dropped. Since news of the four-door Panamera’s […]

Trying to improve the look of current Toyota Belta/Vios/Yaris by giving it the Verso front and US Camry rear. For those who don’t know how the original Toyota Belta/Vios/Yaris look, view the images after the jump.