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Since there was a Volkswagen CrossGolf, it’s expected the Golf Plus replacing Golf Sportsvan to have a Alltrack variant too. Just a matter of when.

Jaguar XE Sportbrake

30, Sep 2014

Images may not be re-posted without permission. This will very likely happen. Just a matter of when.

Cadillac CTS-V

28, Sep 2014

Wanting a bigger slice of the European executive sedan pie, Cadillac needs to launch the Cadillac CTS-V soon, at least before Lexus launches the GS-F.

Volvo XT90

26, Sep 2014

Since I’ve disappointed myself by rendering something that’s already existed, here I present to you the truck version of the XC90, the XT90.

Volvo 240 Pickup

25, Sep 2014

I love the bomb-proof Volvo 240. And so I thought why not make a pickup out of it. After rendering these though, I found out there are already some custom 240 Pickups.

Jaguar XER-S

23, Sep 2014

With the new Jaguar XE targeting BMW 3-Series, will we see the R-S version of the XE soon?

Audi A9

22, Sep 2014

Autocar reported again that Audi will preview radical new A9 with Los Angeles show concept. Seeing how the Audi grille has grown to look like that of the Aston Martin Lagonda, I rendered this large sportback Audi base on the Lagonda. Three years ago I rendered a set of A9 renderings, again after reading a […]

Chevrolet Camaro 2016

20, Sep 2014

It’s really hard to render an all-new version of an icon. For instance this Camaro, I tried to make it different from the current Camaro while still looking similar and identical. So most work went to lengthening the wheelbase while shorten the overall length. The roof is lowered slightly and curves are added. The front […]

Honda Subcompact Hatch

18, Sep 2014

I’ve never been a fan of the Honda Fit/Jazz. To me it’s neither an MPV or a hatchback. Which explains why I had previously rendered the Honda Logo as a proper 2-box B-segment Honda hatchback. These set of renderings you see here, though unnamed, is my other attempt in creating a subcompact Honda, by combining […]

Dacia Sandero RS

17, Sep 2014

According to Autocar, Dacia Sandero is to get RS makeover by Renault. I wouldn’t mind a cheap, light and back-to-basics hot hatch. Would you?