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Nissan Teana Wagon

14, Feb 2015

Just imagining how a wagon version of the Nissan Altima/Teana might look. Most of the roof and rear were from the Murano.

Skoda Fabia Scout

12, Feb 2015

Here are my impressions of how the Skoda Fabia Scout might possibly look.

I’m quite disappointed with these renderings actually. In fact I’m rather angry with how bad these renderings ended up looking. Judging by how the newer Perodua Axia and Myvi look, I believe Perodua will have a well-designed sedan for the market.

Renault Truck

8, Feb 2015

Last week, The Motor Report mentioned that a Renault version of Nissan’s new Navara is possible, though it won’t simply be a Navara with a Renault badge on the nose. Report says the Renault truck will have its own Renault sheet-metal and Renault styling.

Ferrari 488 Spider

6, Feb 2015

Since Ferrari revealed the new 488 three days ago, there’s been many 488 Spider renderings. Here are my impressions.

According AutoNews, Cadillac President Johan de Nysschen had hinted on the brand’s intention to build a RWD sedan in 2017 that is smaller than the ATS to combat Audi A3 sedan and Mercedes-Benz CLA.

I actually wanted to render e Ford Mustang Shooting Break. But my renderings ended up looking more like a hatchback. What a fail.

Infiniti Q60 Eau Rouge

31, Jan 2015

Productionising the Infiniti Q60 with elements of Q50 Eau Rouge.

Remember the news about Crewe’s plan for a sub-5 meter 4-door coupe, along with one rendering I did back in October 2013? Well this time I’m using the Buick Avenir concept as the base for the entry-level Bentley sedan renderings.

Volvo T60

27, Jan 2015

I just love making pickup variants of Volvo. How do you like this Volvo T60 that’s based on the S60 Cross Country?