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Nissan Leaf

16, Jul 2015

The existing Nissan Leaf is no beauty. I’m not expecting the new one to win any beauty contest either. Here’s my impression of the next leaf, a combination of the Murano and Pulsar.

Hyundai Genesis Junior

14, Jul 2015

Another RWD compact executive rendering. I name this the Hyundai Genesis Junior. I’ve read somewhere that since launching the second generation Genesis, Hyundai wants to smaller RWD sedan to rival the BMW 3-Series and Mercedes-Benz C-Class. Much like how its Genesis is suppose to compete with 5-Series and E-Class.

Renault Talisman Coupe

12, Jul 2015

Well Renault is not replacing the Laguna-based coupe. So this Talisman Coupe will remain an imagination.

When I said small sedan, I meant the compact executive class where you find BMW 3-Series and Mercedes-Benz C-Class. I have shrink-wrap the Rapide onto the size, shape and proportion of BMW 4-Series GranCoupe.

Imagining how the hatchback variant of the Chevrolet Cruze might look.

Alfa Romeo SUV

6, Jul 2015

Just trying to see how the Jaguar C-X17 concept SUV will look with the Alfa Romeo Giulia’s front.

Fiat Aegea SW

4, Jul 2015

Rendered this Fiat wagon after reading that the Aegea will also be available in wagon and hatchback forms.

Audi RS4

2, Jul 2015

Trying to visualise how the next Audi RS4 will look.  

Proton Aria

30, Jun 2015

So we’ve read the news about Proton’s plan to assemble and sell a Suzuki A-sedment model under its brand. I’m hoping it’s the Celerio and not the Alto (marketed in India). I don’t think Suzuki has any CKD kits for its Japanese Domestic Models. Celerio, itself better looking than the Indian Alto, can further be […]

Suzuki Jimny Truck

28, Jun 2015

Interesting concept submitted by a friend. How about a truck version of the Suzuki Jimny with a long bed?