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Proton Saga 3

6, Jul 2014

Proton is holding a design competition, but I can’t participate due to my age. I wanted to render the next Proton Saga. Here I base the Saga on Dacia, adding on design features seen on the first generation Saga; black bar beneath head lights, clam shell bonnet and doors that covers up to the roof […]

Chrysler Mirage

4, Jul 2014

According to an article by Automotive News, Chrysler is to sell rebadged Attrage in Mexico. The Attrage, the sedan variant of the Mirage is such a cheap car, wouldn’t it harm Chrysler’s image?

Volkswagen Touran

2, Jul 2014

Reattempt in creating the second generation Touran. Unlike the previous set of rendering, which were basically the Golf Sportsvan with extended rear overhang, this time I’ve also extended the wheelbase, and giving it a different front design.

Ford Edge 3-Door

30, Jun 2014

Initially I was doing just a quick adjustment to the height of the Edge as I believe it looks better so. Eventually I also rendered it as a 3-door crossover, with revised front (slimmer grille) and steeper rear windows. I guess in my eccentric world, this Edge 3-door will complete with my Jeep Cherokee 3-door. […]

Ford Escort RS

28, Jun 2014

I wonder if Ford has plans to do an RS variant of the new Escort.

Jeep Cherokee 3-Door

26, Jun 2014

With the Range Rover Evoque reignited the 3-door SUV trend, will Jeep follow suit and bring back the 3-door Cherokee? Jeep last offered the 3-door Cherokee 14 years ago.

Fiat 500 5-Door

24, Jun 2014

I never understand why Fiat decided to make the 500L, and neglected a 5-door version of 500 instead. Anyway in 2010 I rendered the 5-door 500 and call it the 600. Those renderings were however referred on the bigger car, the Audi A1. This time around, I based this profile on that of the Citroen […]

Ford Bronco

22, Jun 2014

This rendering was shared on autoblog accompanying an article about Ford rebadging the Troller T4 as their new reborn Bronco. The colour scheme and decals are a direct reference to the classic Bronco below.

I have disappointed myself. This doesn’t turn out as well as I’d hope for. The idea was to turn the Macan into a compact hatchback. I follow largely the shape of Alfa Romeo Giulietta for these renderings. These look quite bad.

Nissan Navara SUV

18, Jun 2014

The Nissan Pathfinder, previously based on the outgoing Navara, now sits on a unibody chassis. This means Nissan has no competition with other body-on-frame SUVs. But reported that Nissan could possibly build a Navara-based SUV. On a personal note, this article was scheduled to go viral three hours ago with just the front rendering. […]