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Jeep Toro

27, Sep 2016

So it’s obvious the new Jeep Compass shares platform with Fiat Toro. They even share some common parts (windscreen and front windows). So will we be surprised if this Jeep version of the Toro pickup truck appears?

Can you imagine the horror and shock on the face of loyal Mercedes-Benz fans if this CLS All-Terrain becomes a reality.

Hyundai i30 3-Door

23, Sep 2016

As with the first and second generations of Hyundai i30, the 3-door version is called coupe. But I’m calling this Hyundai i30 3-Door instead.

Peugeot 5008 Pickup

21, Sep 2016

Just one quick rendering for the mid-week, a pickup truck variant of the Peugeot 5008.

Skoda Fabiaq

19, Sep 2016

A silly name it is; combining the Skoda Fabia and Kodiaq names for this sub-compact crossover.

Audi A5 Sedan

16, Sep 2016

Two days ago I shared the renderings of Audi S5 Avant. That got me thinking about an A5 sedan. Would you prefer this over the Audi A4?

Audi S5 Avant

14, Sep 2016

Another car that Audi will not build, nor needed by the world. But I’d like a sleek Audi wagon based on the S5 Sportback. Do you like this? By the way, do you notice I’ve done some changes to the headlights and taillights?

Toying with the idea of Skoda Kodiaq pickup truck.

Kia Rio 3-Door

9, Sep 2016

Will Kia make a 3-door Rio? Hyundai has a 3-door i20 that is misleadingly called a coupe. Since Hyundai has it, will the 3-door Rio look like these renderings?

Proton Saga

7, Sep 2016

Images may not be re-posted without permission. The new 3rd generation Proton Saga is expected to be unveiled this month. Meanwhile a month ago, these renderings were seen in Paul Tan’s Automotive News.