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2017 Audi A6

12, Jan 2015

According to Autocar, Audi is preparing a more stylish A6 for 2017 launch. The new A6 will be inspired by the Prologue concept car seen at last year’s Los Angeles motor show.

Hyundai i20 Wagon

10, Jan 2015

How about a Hyundai i20 Wagon to challenge the likes of Skoda Fabia Kombi and Seat Ibiza ST?

Funny. What took me so long, I ask myself. If there’s any car suitable to be made into an ute I feel the Chrysler 300 would be the ideal candidate. While we’re at it, let’s drop a HEMI V8 into the hood shall we?

Audi R8

6, Jan 2015

Much like how Audi usually uses preview their coupes and roadsters with concept SUVs, I wonder was the Nanuk Concept a preview to the next R8.

Abarth Roadster

4, Jan 2015

Well Alfa Romeo pulled out of the deal to base their roadster on the Mazda MX-5 at the very last minute. Words now have it though that the Japanese favorite will still be wearing an Italian badge for some market, and that it’s most likely be marketed as a Abarth.

Mitsubishi Lancer

2, Jan 2015

We’ve read about Mitsubishi’s agreement of replacing the Lancer with a C-segment car based on a Renault-Nissan model. Renault-Nissan’s current C-segment sedan offerings are the Fluence and Sentra/Sylphy. Which will underpins the next Lancer?

Top 10 Posts of 2014

1, Jan 2015

Lexus RX 2016

31, Dec 2014

According to WorldCarFans, Lexus has already announced plans to introduce the redesigned RX at the North American International Auto Show. Is it going to be a Toyota Harrier with Lexus’ spindle grille as depicted in this rendering?

Mazda6 MPS

29, Dec 2014

Always wonder why Mazda doesn’t consider having the MPS variant of the 6, especially since it would fit Mazda’s ‘zoom zoom’ philosophy.

Porsche 911 Facelift

28, Dec 2014

Another facelift rendering. This time I’m updating the look for the 911 with the front that looks quite similar to that on the 918.