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Earlier in October, I shared my impressions of new Nissan Almera/Sunny based on the new Micra. I was however not satisfied with the end result. The main problem was it looks like I force-fitted a trunk to the almost 1-box design of the Micra. So this is my reattempt, a more conventional 3-box shape. I’m […]

Something silly to start the week. This is definitely not going to happen. So don’t worry.

Porsche 928

21, Oct 2016

After revealing the Porsche Panamera Sport Turismo next year, the next Panamera variant will be the coupe that might bring back the name 928. Like the original 928, the Panamera Coupe will be a be a 2+2 GT with engine in the front driving the rear wheels. This ensures the 928 doesn’t compete with the […]

Audi RS5 Sportback

19, Oct 2016

Turning my imaginary Audi RS5 Sportback into reality.

Perodua Bezza Wagon

17, Oct 2016

Last Monday’s renderings of Proton Saga Aeroback cause quite a number of anger and disgust with they were shared at How will these Perodua Bezza Wagon renderings fare instead?

BMW 5-Series Touring

14, Oct 2016

Now that the much anticipated BMW 5-Series (G30) has been revealed, the next popular variant, the 5-Series Touring, should appear in a few months time.

Renault Megane Coupe

12, Oct 2016

Remember the beautiful Renault Laguna Coupe? Well since the Laguna is replaced by a much larger Talisman, if Renault wants to replace the Laguna Coupe, maybe they can use the Megane (platform)?

Proton Saga Aeroback

10, Oct 2016

Remember the Aeroback variants of Proton Saga (1st generation) and Wira? Well, I suggests bringing back that name plate for a hatchback-cum-wagon variant of the new Proton Saga. It’s unlikely such design will appeal to Malaysian market though.

Nissan Almera/Sunny

7, Oct 2016

The sedan version of the Nissan March/Micra is called Almera and Sunny. Will this new 5th generation March/Micra spawn the new Almera and Sunny?

Audi RS3 Sportback

5, Oct 2016

When the Audi A3 range received a mid-life update earlier this year, the RS3 Sportback is left untouched. So at Paris Motor Show this year, Audi showed the RS3 Sedan, which they have not confirmed for production. I wonder if it’s to preview the facelifted RS3 Sportback.