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Chevrolet Camaro 2016

20, Sep 2014

It’s really hard to render an all-new version of an icon. For instance this Camaro, I tried to make it different from the current Camaro while still looking similar and identical. So most work went to lengthening the wheelbase while shorten the overall length. The roof is lowered slightly and curves are added. The front […]

Honda Subcompact Hatch

18, Sep 2014

I’ve never been a fan of the Honda Fit/Jazz. To me it’s neither an MPV or a hatchback. Which explains why I had previously rendered the Honda Logo as a proper 2-box B-segment Honda hatchback. These set of renderings you see here, though unnamed, is my other attempt in creating a subcompact Honda, by combining […]

Dacia Sandero RS

17, Sep 2014

According to Autocar, Dacia Sandero is to get RS makeover by Renault. I wouldn’t mind a cheap, light and back-to-basics hot hatch. Would you?

Mazda MX-5 Coupe

15, Sep 2014

Many purist have been lobbying for a coupe MX-5. Will Mazda officially build one from the latest generation of MX-5? Read more of what Automobile Magazine and Motor Trend think of this Mazda two-seater coupe.

Mazda CX-3

14, Sep 2014

Building on the success of CX-5 and new Mazda2 hatchback, rumor has it that Mazda will launch a smaller SUV call CX-3.

Kia With Kidney Grille

12, Sep 2014

A month ago I posted pics of BMWs without the famous kidney grille, and many commented how they look like Kia cars. So this is the reverse, Kia with the kidney grille. Some do look like BMW.

Previous versions of the Lagonda were also available in wagon form that Aston Martin named Shooting Brake. So will such body style make a return with the reborn Lagonda?

Volvo XC80

8, Sep 2014

I intended to render a Volvo coupe SUV to rival that of the BMW X6. Unfortunately it looks anything but a coupe.

Hyundai iX25

7, Sep 2014

This was rendered with reference to spyshots and the concept that Hyundai showed in the last Guangzhou Auto Show.


5, Sep 2014

Remember my previous renderings of Volkswagen XL2? Here’s my idea of how BMW could rival that with an i8 with 4-doors. The rear suicide doors are obviously inspired from the i3.