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BMW Compact Sedan

22, May 2015

The new Fiat Aegea is pretty tidy looking. While initially I’m reminded of 2009’s Tata Pr1ma Concept by Pininfarina, the more I look at the Aegea, the more I see some BMW detailing; the 2-series headlights, the rear trunk, and especially that Hofmeister kink. Hence I rendered this, as BMW’s smallest possible sedan.

This is my idea for the Volkswagen Eos replacement, rendered here in the form of Sport Cabriolet Concept GTE. I read somewhere that if Volkswagen replaces the Eos, it will ditch the foldable hard-top mechanism for a simpler cloth roof.

Dacia Kwid

20, May 2015

The front design of Renault Kwid reminds me so much of Dacia, so I rendered this.

Audi RS3 Avant

19, May 2015

Last week I shared with you my impression of the RS3 Sedan. Today I am paying homage to the original Audi RS2 with this RS3 Avant.

Images may not be re-posted without permission. These renderings were first seen in Autoblog a month ago for an article by Steven J. Ewing about ‘Nine cars we wish were convertibles’.

Autocar is speculating Mercedes-Benz’s rival for the Audi TT that will become a reality in 2019.

Ford Taurus Ute

14, May 2015

When the Ford discontinues the Falcon, will Australia and New Zealand get the Taurus as their Ford flagship? If so will there be a ute variant of the Taurus?

Audi RS3 Sedan

12, May 2015

I remember reading somewhere that North America may get a sedan variant of the RS3. I rendered these by combining front and rear bumper of the RS3 onto the wide body of the A3 Clubsport Quattro Concept.

Honda Accord Facelift

10, May 2015

These renderings were first shared in two days ago. They were rendered with close reference to spyshots of the facelifted Honda Accord posted in Car & Driver.

Lamborghini Usus

8, May 2015

To irritate some, I present to you the Lamborghini Usus pickup truck.