Opel Insignia Coupe

9 Dec

I was deciding if I should call this coupe variant of the Opel Insignia Grand Sport as the Calibra or Monza. Come to think of it maybe I should call this the Opel Insignia Grand Coupe.

Ford Fiesta Sedan

7 Dec

Will the next Ford Fiesta sedan look like my renderings?

Something different and aggressive to start the week – Bugatti Chiron SuperSport. I say something different cause rendering hypercar is not my forte.

I dislike the complicated lines on the side of the Volkswagen Atlas/Teramont, especially those around the wheel arches. I much prefer the simpler shapes and lines as on the Amarok.

I feel the Skoda Octavia’s simple and straight lines will be suitable for a cabriolet variant. What do you think?

Alfa Romeo Toro

28 Nov

Can you imagine the uproar in Turin if this monster is released? But hey, it seems anything can happen in 2016. So can this Alfa Romeo Toro a.k.a. Stelvio pickup.

Interviewed by Careta

27 Nov

On Tuesday, 22 November, Careta published the interview that site did with yours truly. Below is the interview in English.

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Fiat Freemont

25 Nov

Since the Fiat Toro and Jeep Compass share platform, will Fiat rebadge the Compass as the new Freemont? This marks my second time rendering the Toro-based SUV. I had previously rendered one based on Seat Ateca back in May this year.

Jaguar XJ

23 Nov

This is my idea of the next Jaguar XJ. I combined the body of the XF with the front and rear design of the I-Pace concept. The different D-pillar aside, I wanted to differentiate the XJ to the XE and XF. I personally find the XE and XF too similar looking.

Subaru Viziv Pickup

21 Nov

I think the idea of a Subaru Viziv Pickup is very appealing. What do you think?