Compare to yesterday’s Mercedes-AMG S63 Black Series Coupe rendering, I am personally more satisfied with this. Still< I bet the eventual Mercedes-AMG C63 Black Series Coupe will look far better and different to this.

A silly attempt to render the Mercedes-AMG S63 Black Series Coupe. I admit, aggressive rendering is definitely not my forte.

A simple rendering of Mercedes-AMG E43 Estate to start the weekend.

Tesla Model Y

20 May

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These renderings of Tesla Model Y crossover were first seen in a month ago.

Fiat Tipo Cabriolet

18 May

A simple rendering for the mid-week.

Lexus ES SportCross

16 May

A wagon version of Lexus ES doesn’t look half bad. Lexus last wagon was actually the first generation Lexus IS SportCross. By the way I’ve previously rendered the ES SportCross before. You can view my previous attempt here.

Fiat Tipo 3-Door

14 May

Most manufacturers are abandoning the compact 3-door hatchback segments. I wonder if Fiat will do the same too, or going with tradition to offer a 3-door Tipo.

Subaru Baja

12 May

Remember the Subaru Baja? What if Subaru brings it back, but instead of basing it on the Legacy/Liberty, how about using the Forester to begin with? I think this could be popular.

Fiat Toro SUV

10 May

What if Fiat turns the Toro into a compact crossover? While most other manufacturers have offerings in that segment, Fiat’s been slow to the market.

Fiat Fullback SUV

8 May

Since Fiat is rebadging the Mitsubishi Triton as Fullback, will the Pajero Sport be turned into a Fiat too?