Audi A1

10 Feb

My impression of how the next generation Audi A1 might look.

Lexus LC Roadster

8 Feb

Happy Lunar New Year! Here I’m starting the ‘Year of The Monkey’ by removing the roof of the Lexus RC LC.

According Auto Express, Volkswagen is producing new variants of its second-generation Tiguan SUV. Volkawagen is expected to launch a seven-seater long-wheelbase Tiguan and a coupe Tiguan. I have a feeling Volkswagen’s interpretation of ‘coupe’, simply means a 3-door Tiguan.

Skoda Fabia

5 Feb

Giving the Fabia a facelift, with front inspired by the Superb.

How about a coupe Chevrolet Volt?

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These renderings of Chevrolet Camaro Z28 were featured in a month ago.

Toyota CH-R

30 Jan

An attempt to productionise the Toyota CH-R Concept.

Volkswagen Golf

28 Jan

The current 7th generation Volkswagen Golf was unveiled in 2012. This generation of Golf will get a mid-life update come March. News has it that the 8th generation Golf will debut end of 2017. These are my impressions of how the 8th generation Golf might look.

Proton Vitara

26 Jan

now that it’s been confirmed Proton will rebadge the Suzuki Ertiga, how about a Proton rebadge of the Vitara too?

Proton Ertiga

24 Jan

Something simple for the weekend. Rendered these six rebadged Suzuki Ertigas with Proton badges for a story seen at It’s reported that there will be a Proton-badged Suzuki Ertiga.